Education in Ministry at Saving Susan

   Education is one of the most important programs to help us achieve our Mission to “Connect orphans in third world countries with loving Christian families through relational support to reverse the effects of orphan abandonment”. We have focused our education efforts in Music education and English & Secondary education.

Music Academy:

    We have established 3 music academies and provided nearly 100 instruments to our orphanages in Cambodia and Guatemala. Through the generous support of our donors, Saving Susan Ministry hires local people to come in and teach our children instrument and voice lessons. During our trip to Cambodia, this summer our team was delighted to see the children put on a “Saving Susan’s Got Talent” show to share all they had learned. Music is a way of worshipping and an amazing way that our children can express themselves, build self-confidence and serve our Lord through music.

“Come, let us sing for the Lord”  Psalms 95:1a

English & Secondary Education:

English education is another important part of our ministry. We have an amazing partnership with Liberty University. Through a unique pilot program with Saving Susan Ministry, they are helping us assess every sponsored child and potentially take English classes through their online program. Equipping these children with the ability to read, write and speak fluent English greatly increases their potential of getting a good quality job that will help break the cycle of poverty for them and their families.

Please prayerfully consider how you might partner with us in 2018 to further these or other Saving Susan Ministry Program.

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