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Thank you so much for your desire to contribute to God's mission around the world. We have various projects going on throughout the year that you can choose from or if you feel called to just generally give to the ministry click the Saving Susan Ministry button. Again thank you for taking a step to further our cause.  We are grateful to have you in our community!



Baskin-Bowler Scholarship Fund

Help support children who have aged out of our partnering orphanages continue their education by donating to the Baskin-Bowler College Scholarship Fund. Attending college or trade school helps prevent poverty and human trafficking. 

give to Saving Susan Ministry

As our ministry grows so do our administrative costs.  We are asking God to bring more monthly donors to our ministry to offset those costs. Our commitment remains the same that every dollar given by Parent Partners goes directly to their children.

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English Academy

Since English is a global language, this program will lead to
educational and employment opportunity.

Music Academy

Give the gift music by helping to provide instruments and instruction. Click here to watch a video and learn more.