Telling of the Wonderful Things

We proclaim how great you are and tell of the wonderful things you have done. Psalm 75:1

We have much to praise God about and much to be thankful. (1 Chronicles 16:34)
Saving Susan Ministry exists because God gave our Founder, Jay a plan through heartbreak
after meeting Vichika, aka Susan. He has given us the opportunity to serve these children who
have no hope of adoption or a “normal” family as we know.
There is one constant we have seen the Lord do and believe it is because of our need to be in
prayer from our desire to seek HIS guidance continually. God, our Father is constant (Hebrews
13:8) in blessing this ministry with more than we can ask or imagine. He often answers our
prayers in ways that are bigger than we vision and through most surprising methods.
The year of 2017 brought CHALLENGES we did not desire-however HE is faithful; new ministry
PARTNERS -we are grateful; RESOURCES we did not expect-we are delighted and most of all
new PARENT PARTNERS-stepping into the lives of these children God has called us to care
We share our “Year in Review” from a place of humility and it may sound cliche but all the
Praise and Glory goes to God our Father. We continue to pray He finds us humble and willing
to follow where He leads. (Ruth 1:16b)
So we invite you to take a break a few minutes, learn what the Lord has done in 2017 and pray
for us in 2018!

2017 Year in Review

Saving Susan Parent Partners
● 26 children in the Parent Partner Program since ministry inception
● 6 new children connected with Parent Partners this year
● 3 Families requested application and in process at year end

Saving Susan Next Steps
● 2 students in Medical School
● 1 student attended Highlands Bible College in Phnom Penh
● 1 student attending university to become a teacher
● 1 student completed Liberty University Onlin English class
● 1 student enrolled in the course and 1 pending
All students are still supported by their Parent Partners!

Saving Susan Gives
● 8 bags of sports equipment were donated for baseball and lacrosse teams
● Shipping container of baseball equipment from our community supporting FCA Initiative
● Funds and personal letters were delivered for Christmas Parties for 3 orphanages
● 30 Passenger Bus Fundraiser Complete!
● 3 music academies were established and funding for music teachers raised
○ Donated nearly 100 music instruments
● 45 new pairs of shoes for two orphanage
● 5 donated laptops for the kids

Saving Susan Goes
● 1 Mission Trip to Cambodia this year
● 30 people served 7 ministries in two cities for 9 days
● The team gifted every ministry with a unique and specific gifts
○ Held our second annual baseball tournament in country
○ Served at a dump site and widows island
○ Held 2 medical missions
○ 3 VBS days for over 100 kids
○ Sports clinic

Saving Susan Together
This year we partnered with these organizations to accomplish big things TOGETHER
● Fellowship of Christian Athletes
● Sanctuary Church
● NorthStar Church
● 1 Source Intl and YPCK
● Numerous Individual & Corporate Sponsors

12 Monthly Prayer Meetings
Seeking our Father is our most valuable work

70 Children

were blessed with music, school supplies, sports equipment,
technology, shoes and love

26 Children

grew deeper in relationship WEEKLY with THEIR FAMILIES. Someone told
them who they were in their heavenly Father's eyes and what Christ did for
THEM regularly. They worked through discipline issues and learned about
grace and forgiveness. They celebrated successes in sports and in school
and were encouraged through disappointment.

Will you join us today to continue this great immeasurably more?
Now to HIM who is able to do MMEASURABLY MOR than all
we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us

EPH 3:20