2018 Saving Susan Ministry Mission Trips

   We are so excited about our 2018 Mission trips and want to invite you to share in the excitement with us.

    We are starting our travels in Cambodia as our co-founders Jay and Tracy Arntzen travel with SERV International, to explore how we might collaborate to better serve with our ministry partners there. SERV International is a nonprofit based out of Canton, GA, that focuses on “giving people the opportunity to see and experience life in a whole new way” through 4 essentials of Food, Water, Shelter, and Life. This will be an opportunity for SSM and SERV to broaden our connections and relationships in Cambodia to the benefit of the children and our ministry partners there.

    We are also very excited about Spring Break this year! Who wants to spend it with us serving in Guatemala? We are headed to House of Hope Zacapa the first week in April. This is an amazing opportunity to meet our children and help with our growing Music Academy!

    June will also be an important month for us as our co-founders are headed to Africa where they will be visiting House of Hope Kenya with our SERV International friends. This will be a “Discovery Trip” to determine if this might be the place God is calling us to expand our ministry impact. Please be in prayer for us as we seek direction.

    Finally, we conclude our trips by taking another team to Cambodia. Last year we had thirty people say yes to the Call and serve with us in Cambodia. The trip was nothing short of amazing. This year’s trip is planned for early August and will be full of service opportunities, building relationships with the kids and our ministry partners and attending the graduation ceremony at Bileg Solid Rock Academy.

    We are so excited about our trips this year.   We know we will forge new relationships as God leads us and also continue to grow those we have already established. We would love for you to be in prayer about joining us in April or August.  For more information, check out our website at savingsusanminstry.org or send us a message on Facebook.

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