Meet Our Team


The founders

Several years ago, while on a mission trip to Cambodia Jay Arntzen met Vichika, a 5 year old orphan girl.  Jay, not able to pronounce Vichika's name, called her Susan.  Through God's grace, Vichika and Jay formed a bond and Saving Susan Ministry was birthed.  Jay's desire to share the love of Vichika with his family back home lead to a second trip the following summer.  For Tracy it was love at first sight and each member of their family and extended family has grown in relationship with Vichika and her brother Mesa through additional mission trips and Skype calls.  God continues to expand their borders and give them the ability to open the door for other families to be the answer in the reversing the effects of abandonment so many children suffer.  Jay and Tracy are certain this is a life long journey God has set them on and anticipate what lies ahead.

Executive director

Steve Malandro joined the team in April after retiring from a great 19 year long career with Coca-Cola in Atlanta. Steve and his wife Sondra have been involved with Saving Susan in some capacity since the beginning. Steve and Jay are in a Men's Bible Study where Steve prayed for Saving Susan since before it's formation. Sondra served on the Inaugural Gala committee working alongside Tracy for months to create a successful event introducing Saving Susan to our community.

We are thrilled to have their support and Steve's expertise as the ministry goes forward.

Soon after coming on board Steve signed up for his first trip to Cambodia where he took time to meet every ministry partner as well as the children we serve.


Ministry Coordinator

Bre joined Saving Susan team in March 2018. As Ministry Coordinator, Bre handles day to day planning and organizational duties and leads many of our core programs including English Education, Parent Partner Care and in-country Ministry Partner connections. Bre has a background in psychology and sociology and has always had a passion for outreach and non-profit work.


Finance Coordinator

Nancy joined the Saving Susan team June 2018. As our newest member, Nancy is responsible for managing and maintaining financial transactions and bookkeeping. In addition, Nancy supports logistics and documentation of Saving Susan Ministry Board meetings.