What is a Parent Partner?


Parent Partnering is a unique approach where families, called by God, are matched with orphans in countries whose borders are closed to adoption due to human trafficking. It is a relational experience that also provides financial support. It is a commitment to build relationships through regular video calls and to care for an orphan as one of your own children. This commitment creates a covenant relationship intended to exist at least until the orphan graduates from school.

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The Four Step Commitment

  1. Covenant Commitment:
    Complete an application and prayerfully examine how God is calling you to become a Parent Partner. Communicate God’s calling and affirmation through the application process.

  2. Relational Commitment:
    Pray regularly and communicate with your orphan through video calls on average 2-3 times per month. Opportunities for travel with other Parent Partners to meet and spend time with your orphan child will be available. Your commitment to a child will be, at a minimum, until they graduate high school.

  3. Financial Commitment:
    Your financial commitment will be $1,200 per year. This provides your child with room and board, a Christian education through high school, clothing, basic medical care, supervision, and other physical needs. Any excess funds accumulate in your child’s individual account. Upon high school graduation, these extra funds go towards their college or trade school education through our Baskin-Bowler Program, which enables our graduated orphans to achieve independence from their orphanage and pursue their callings.

  4. Ongoing Feedback:
    We require quarterly communication between Saving Susan Ministry, Parent Partners and Orphanage.


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