Missionary Luncheon

The Saving Susan community is such a beautiful reflection of the body of Christ – each member has a unique and purposeful role in glorifying and serving our Heavenly Father by loving his precious children in Cambodia.  We have Parent Partners, leading pastors, founders, supporters, and full-time missionaries.  A few weeks ago several members of the Saving Susan community came together for a Sunday luncheon in what turned out to feel like a warm family gathering.

Our guests of honor were Pastor Paul Tabanao and his wife Jeanet.  19 years ago they were called from the Philippines to be missionaries and run a church in Cambodia.  Today, not only do they serve the church, but they have also opened their home and hearts to 26 children - 26 lives that are now hearing the Gospel and living with a loving family.  It was a gift to have the Tabanaos with us!  Other attendees included Dr. Baskin, Pastor Bowler, Parent Partners, and anyone who had been to Cambodia in the last 4 years on a mission trip – many members, one body.  

It was a fun and happy time together where we were able to reflect on God’s goodness in our ministry as well as discuss future plans in Cambodia.  One of those plans was shared by our founder Jay Arntzen and it centers on baseball.  Yes, baseball! God will use any means possible to reach His children – what a good, creative, loving Father we have!  Saving Susan has been invited to host a baseball exhibition at the Olympic Stadium in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia.  This is an enormous ministry opportunity that we trust God will use in ways we can’t fully fathom yet.  With this big open door also comes big needs and big plans, but we are relying on our big God to guide and provide!  Won’t you join us in prayer for this next endeavor that Saving Susan is about to begin?