The Value of One

Lorelai Castro is the wife of Orphanage Director Felipe Castro at our Partner Orphanage, Bileg Solid Rock in Cambodia. She is a Project Coordinator and Nurse/Pharmacist at Bileg and has an incredible heart for the orphans under her care. 

She wrote the following tribute to our ministry after our most recent visit in late March 2019. We are so blessed to have partners like the Castro’s who share our vision and passion for shaping the lives of orphans through the love of Christ – One Child, One Step at a time.

 - - - -

One child at a time - this motto of "Saving Susan Ministry" reminds me of the song, "The Value of One."

 "No more in darkness,
He's received My Son
All heaven rejoices -
That's the value of one!
The Holy Spirit has been working
To soften up a heart.
All he needs is a willing servant
To simply do his part."

 And that is indeed what you are - willing servants so generous and so eager to be used of God - whether it's your time, resources, energy, space in your heart - it is all so refreshing and inspiring to see. There are truly no words enough to express how grateful we are, and on behalf of the Kingdom of Cambodia. Thank you for helping us to advance Christ's Kingdom here - one child at a time that will turn into one family, one village, one community at a time.

- - - -


Soli Deo Gloria!