August Cambodia Trip Update #5 - August 22

As we return to from Cambodia, back to our lives and I reflect on my time there, the word Suffering comes to mind. It’s easy to think that the people of Cambodia, or any third world country for that matter, are suffering because of unclean drinking water, or food sanitation, or any other commonality of a 3rd world country. It is hard to cope with, but it’s just normal for the people there. The fact is, their suffering is much like everyone of us. Their stories will impact you, not because they are so different, but because they are more alike than you could imagine. When they break down in tears, it’s not about dirty water, but it’s because their parents force them to pray to the temple when they do not believe in it, it’s because their family abandoned them when they were a baby, it’s because a daughter lost a mother in a moto accident. It’s because they were molested as kids, or beaten, or it’s because a father went to prison. I have learned that while their living conditions are in stark contrast to mine, our suffering is not so different. We suffer not for punishment, but so that we can tell our story. So that we can become the human being we were destined to be, and when that other lost soul, who has a story just like you, sees your light, they will know that Gods grace will cover them as well. 

Don’t be afraid to tell your story. No matter how bad you think it is. No matter the shame or regret you may feel for your actions. You have a story for a reason, someone else needs to hear that exact story, because they went through the same thing.

Much love and thanks to everyone who supported and prayed for my wife and I on this trip, we are forever grateful!

Darren Zelgewicz
Genesis Elevator Company

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