August Cambodia Trip Update #3 - August 14

Immeasurably more. That’s a term that is used a lot around Saving Susan Ministry. One that I didn’t really understand until today.

Day #5 of the trip was the last day we spent at Bileg Solid Rock. We woke up early this morning and watched our kids graduate! We had 3 girls graduate from high school: Srey Leak, Mei - Mei, and Sreypov. Srey Leak and Mei - Mei’s Papa David was blessed to be able to give the commencement speech, while I (Kristi) and Carly Beber got the chance to sing in the ceremony! Sreypov’s Momma Doreen was able to be there as well.


After graduation we spent as much time with the kids as possible. We went to “The Dam” to cool off and the kids loved it. We did too, because it is hot, hot, hot here! After that we took the kids to the “Spicy Noodle” and had dinner. The spice level for the noodles goes from 0-7, 7 being the hottest. Most of us Americans got a 0, with a couple brave 1’s & 2’s, but our resident Cambodian-American, Samuel hung with the natives and got a 7! After dinner we headed back to Bileg to give the kids all a special Saving Susan Ministry t-shirt with their name on the back and said our good-byes. This is always the worst part. The time wasn’t long enough and the tears were evidence of the love.

IMG_4296 (1).jpeg

Here’s why I say I now understand what God means when he tells us in Ephesians 3:20 “Now to him to is able to give immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine.” As we we’re saying our goodbyes, Mei - Mei tells me that growing up with only brothers, she always wanted a sister. Boys don’t know about girl stuff or how to help her, but now she is grateful she has sister to talk to. I’ve spent 3 days with this girl and I already feel as close to her as I do my biological sister back home. This is what God has created us for. To care for the widows and the orphans, and to bring them into our families. He gives us something more than we can imagine when we least expect it. A relationship I’d never fathom and one that I will cherish until we’re together in eternity. Good-byes are tough, but they’re not forever.

That’s all for now, but there is much more to come.
Kristi Laughlin
SSM Ministry Coordinator