Saving Susan Ministry English Education: Promoting English Excellence

By: Bre Poindexter

Bre Poindexter is the former Ministry Coordinator for Saving Susan Ministry. She also serves as a member of the Saving Susan Ministry English Learning Program development team.

  Saving Susan Ministry’s driving force is the Parent Partner Program. This program is where we dedicate most of our time and efforts, as it is the program that most directly impacts and serves the orphans we work with every day. While the Parent Partner program allows our children the opportunity to build bonds with strong Christian families and allows them to experience love in a way they have never experienced, we also know the importance of providing the children with tangible “educational jewels” that will help to promote them in life as they continue to grow and learn in their home countries.

 The English Learning Program, which is provided by way of Liberty University Online, facilitates one of the most important extensions of the overall Saving Susan Ministry experience: English Education. While the orphans that we serve are blessed to have access to general education in their home country, typically, fluent English education is hard to come by in the third world countries that we serve. Because English is the primary global language, Saving Susan Ministry believes that providing our children with quality English language education will have incredible lasting effects on their lives as they age, including leading to better educational and employment opportunities.

 Currently the Saving Susan Ministry English Learning Program serves 17 of our children in both Cambodia and Guatemala. The children are in various stages of English education and they are learning by way of certified English educators who are affiliated with Liberty University. The program has rapidly grown over the course of just seven months as God has blessed us with an influx of children that we knew would benefit greatly from starting English education based on their assessment results.

 The ministry education team is currently working to analyze the benefit of the program as the children continue to excel in English education in such a brief period. Our long-term hope is that as the Education Program grows, we will continue to see the English fluency of our children in Cambodia and Guatemala increase! In the future, we also pray to extend the English Learning Program by eventually employing in-country ESOL educators who will help to solidify what the children are learning even further!

 Please continue to pray for the children that are currently enrolled in the English Learning Program at this time!