Mystery & Wonder // Ephesians 3:20 

When God used Adeline Hill as inspiration for Songs for Susan we weren't aware what the outcome would be.  His ways are often mysterious as we sometimes walk in blind faith holding on to His promise of Faithfulness. 

This blog is meant to give God the glory for all He pulled together to further this ministry in a single night.  

We never felt fundraising was to be our focus and God delivered an amazing committee member who exceeded our corporate sponsorship goals allowing us to advance the music academy initiative and further funding for the Baskin-Bowler Scholarship Foundation.  

God directed our steps to Turner Chapel AME Church, which didn't make sense initially.  The week prior to our big event God revealed HIS purpose for a young small ministry to do kingdom work with an African American church with a long rich history in the community.  The two groups working together broke through race barriers, furthered the kingdom work of our Father and formed special friendships.  We learned in this step it was not just about orphans but also appreciating the disciples of different race.  We hope our friends at Turner Chapel AME Church know how much we love and value them and because of them this event is one to remember!

Volunteering gives a sense of purpose, strengthens community, and brings people together.  Our amazing volunteers contributed so much and had such fun.  This was such an eclectic group of volunteers from local ROTCmembers to Canadian volunteers, who came to town just to help out! The organizing committee members felt their contribution was not overwhelming, pure humility here,  but that collectively working together was an amazing experience. The comments shared for weeks to come from our audience was such affirmation that God was present at Songs for Susan.   

I know God’s timing is always perfect however at first glance I could not understand why the Lord would call my sweet dad home to heaven just 2 weeks before Songs for Susan.  Wisdom looks back and tries to find the lesson in God’s sovereignty.   It is obvious God would receive more glory and honor by taking me out of the mix the two weeks leading up to the event than had I been present.  Some amazing volunteers, really stepped up and a special shout out to Sarah Green, who took on more than she signed up for once again.  God accomplished more in just a few days giving the ministry exposure at a Fish Radio Event and bringing in last minute unexpected donations.  His work was evident all around in those two weeks.  To HIM BE THE GLORY. 

Yes, God's ways are mysterious and He is able to do more than we can ask or imagine.  The many layers of God’s fingerprints over Songs for Susan will be embedded on my heart and I am encouraged to press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.  God taught me much, allowed me to experience Him in a deeper way and poured into me beyond what I deserve and for that I am thankful.  

You may wonder the relevance of this blogpost to our work at Saving Susan Ministry.   I believe when God calls us into His kingdom work that is just an open door to experience him at such a deeper more intimate place as many of our parent partners, donors and volunteers have experienced.  My prayer for you is to seek where he is calling. 

Tracy Arntzen, Co-Founder