Little Things Making a Big Impact

Audrey Perez is an amazing woman who works for 1Source International, one of Saving Susan's awesome sponsors. 1Source International partnered with us back in November to get new backpacks, clothes, school supplies, and toys for all our kids in Guatemala. Audrey recently won a contest at work and decided to donate her prize to Saving Susan, how cool is that? We asked Audrey a few questions so we could share her amazing heart with all of you!


Tell us a little about this program that you won? It is a monthly award named “The Little Things Award”.  It is when all the employees have an opportunity to nominate a peer that has done something “little” for them that has made a big difference in their day.  The winner is then announced at the monthly company meeting, where everyone has the opportunity to read all the great things everyone has written about that person.  The winner then has a choice to have an extra $50 in their pay, or they can choose to donate $50 to the charity of their choice. The amazing thing about 1Source International is that if the winner chooses to donate the $50, 1Source then matches the amount for a total of $100 in donation! So Awesome!!

Why did you pick Saving Susan as the charity to gift your prize to?  The choice was easy for me, 1Source International had partnered with Saving Susan this past November where we were given the opportunity to sponsor a child in Guatemala and send them things like clothes, school and art supplies and lots of other fun things. My Co-Worker Molly and I chose Grovlin, whom I absolutely fell in love with the moment I saw his picture and heard his story!  Our CEO, Stella Dowling personally delivered our gifts to the children. When she got back from the trip, she shared so many amazing stories of her experience there, and beautiful pictures all the children opening our gifts to them.  Words can’t express how awesome it felt to see that beautiful smile on Grovlin’s face as he showed off the Spiderman watch I had picked out for him!!  So for me, the moment I won the award, I immediately knew that Saving Susan was my choice.

What is your favorite way to serve your community?  I love to find different ways to serve, especially with my family.  We always try to participate, donate, and volunteer anytime we get a chance to, whether it be through opportunities I get at work, my children’s  school or our church.  Things like 5k’s or walks for different causes, making blankets and feeding the homeless during the winter months.  And when we can’t give of our time, we make sure to try and donate any chance we get.   I especially love to get my children involved so that they can see how important it is to make a difference, even if it is just is a small way, it makes a big difference to someone in need.

Where is your favorite place for your feet to be? My Favorite place for my feet to be is at home with my amazing hubby, beautiful daughter, and handsome sons!