LifeTotes Goes to Guatemala

Twenty children were presented a LifeTotes backpack or messenger bag filled with school & art supplies, a watch, personal care items and wrapped gifts of clothing items.  The children of House of Hope Zacapa Orphanage are not accustomed to receiving gifts selected by someone specifically for them. They were overwhelmed by the generosity as each child sat in a special chair while opening their gifts.  It was amazing to experience the others applaud and be joyful as each one took their turn.  The gratitude and humility expressed by each was truly a beautiful scene to be a part of.


This initiative was a service project organized by Saving Susan Ministry and donated by 1 Source International and YPCK, both owned by Stella Dowling.  The team of these two organizations exceeded our expectations with great generosity. Kathleen Thompson, President of 1 Source International tells us “We just love to give back and this is just one example of a monthly passion projects” 


When we explained to our friends at House of Hope Zacapa that the gift of LifeTotes also gives back in a sustainable way by creating jobs and building of schools in areas where education does not exist, they thought this was amazing and wanted to know more about how this happens.


For more information on LifeTotes and to see their great line of products that are changing lives around the world visit


By: Tracy Arntzen

Co-Founder Saving Susan Ministry