What We Do

We are a Christ-centered ministry called by God to reverse the effects of abandonment. Our programs are designed to provide hope for the children we serve. 


Parent Partner program

The Parent Partner Program is the heart of our ministry. We partner with orphanages in Cambodia and Guatemala, countries closed to adoption, to match orphans with loving Parent Partners. Click here to learn more about what it means to be called as a Parent Partner.


English Learning Program

Communication is key to any healthy relationship. Through our English Learning Program, we enroll each of our Parent Partnered children in classes with a focus on conversational English. As they improve in English, the relationships they have with their Parent Partners grow deeper. Speaking English also leads to better educational and employment opportunities for our orphans as they mature. Donate here

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First Steps program

Our First Steps Program is for families who may not feel called yet to Parent Partner, but who would like to “get their feet wet,” support our orphans, and pray about Parent Partnering. First Steppers support their sponsored orphans through prayer, financial support, and letters. Contact us for more information.


Baskin-Bowler Foundation

Named after two of our visionary forerunners in Cambodia, Dr. Baskin and Dr. Bowler, the Baskin-Bowler Foundation ensures that every orphan sponsored through Saving Susan Ministry has the opportunity to pursue their Next Step in education after high school. We invest so much in these orphans to raise them up to be godly, successful, and disciples in their countries. We risk them losing all this if they graduate from high school, leave their orphanage, and then face a prospect of working in the rice fields or even the threat of trafficking rather than pursuing a vocation that fits their passion and calling in life. All Parent Partnered orphans are eligible to apply for funding assistance for university or trade school through the Baskin-Bowler Foundation. Donate here


Music Academies

Saving Susan Ministry establishes a Music Academy in each orphanage it partners with. We donate instruments and fund music teachers to instruct the children. We fully believe in the power of music in the lives of our children and in praising God! “Make a joyful noise to the Lord.” Psalm 98:4 Donate here, or stop by our office any time to donate an instrument!


Mission Trips

Going on a mission trip with us can be a life-changing experience! Many of our current Parent Partners made their commitment to be a Parent Partner after going on a mission trip and meeting the child that God had meant for them. These trips are also wonderful opportunities to visit our orphanage and church partners and to minister to and serve them.

Read more about our past trips here.

Contact us here if interested in attending future trips with us.