Tola 9.jpg

Tola, 9

Country: Cambodia

Orphanage: Bileg Solid Rock Children’s Home

Tola is a happy little boy who loves going to school and playing football. He is in the 2nd grade and when he grows up he wants to be a soldier.

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  • Cambodia is in the southeastern part of Asia nestled between Thailand and Vietnam.

  • The main language is Khmer, but many of the children in our orphanage are learning English through our English Learning Program.

  • There are an estimated 553,000 orphans in Cambodia.

Bileg Solid Rock.png

Bileg Solid Rock Children’s Home is our original Partner Orphanage and is located in Kampong Thom Province. Bileg is where our founder Jay first met “Susan” in 2013. The Home is run by Philippine missionaries, Dr. and Mrs. Castro, who have also built a school, hospital, and nursing school on the site. Tola is one of 24 orphans who lives at the center.