Our Board

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Jay Arntzen

Co-Founder/CEO & President

Jay is the Co-Founder of Saving Susan Ministry and also serves as the President and CEO of both Genesis Elevator Company and Revelation Manufacturing. In addition, he serves on several boards for both For-Profit and Nonprofit organizations.

Jay has three adult sons Josh, Jared, and Mason, and has been married to Tracy for thirty years. Jay lives in Marietta, Georgia and attends Sanctuary Church.

Jay’s passion is to serve in areas that God has called him to do so. God has blessed and called him and his family into the ministry of orphan care in countries where borders are closed to adoption due to human trafficking and corruption. This ministry is changing lives both in the U.S. as well as in orphanages that Saving Susan Ministry partners with. His family has been blessed and honored to be chosen by God to do his work and serve on this board.

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Tracy arntzen

Co-Founder/Ministry Development

Tracy is the Co-Founder of Saving Susan Ministry. Many years ago Tracy worked in banking and chose to be a stay at home mom for 17 years for their three sons.  Tracy was heavily involved in her children’s school and extracurricular activities, often leading the charge on various volunteer committees. Tracy accepted Christ after the birth of their first son, Josh and has been involved in bible studies and learning everyday what it means to follow Jesus.  

She and Jay have been married since 1988 and have three sons, Joshua, Jared and Mason.  

God lead her to come alongside Jay with the vision God gave him to care for orphans and children who have been abandoned.  Tracy believes she has been so blessed by this opportunity to serve Saving Susan Ministry in accordance to God’s calling and watching how God is moving in 3rd world countries for HIS children has been simply amazing. Tracy believes God often does more than we can ask or imagine and we get to experience watching Him answer prayers in ways that totally amaze us.

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steve malandro

Chairman of the Board

Steve joined Saving Susan Ministry as Executive Director in 2017 after a 31-year career in various Sales and Marketing roles for Nabisco and Coca-Cola. He then transitioned to the role of Chairman of the Board in 2018. During his career at Coca-Cola, Steve held the position of Director, Coca-Cola Innovation & Collaboration Center and facilitated C-suite level ideation sessions with Coca-Cola's largest accounts.  

Steve and his wife Sondra were married in Indianapolis, Indiana and recently celebrated their 33rd wedding anniversary. They have three children, Katie, Joseph, Paige, and one grandchild Wesley. Steve holds a BS degree in Communication Arts from Indiana State University.

Steve and Saving Susan Co-Founder Jay Arntzen have been close friends for years and Jay’s enthusiasm and passion for this ministry were contagious. Steve is thrilled that the gifts and graces God has allowed him to develop over a 31-year career in the Corporate Environment will now be fully applied and focused on serving Him in partnership with Saving Susan Ministry.  

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sherry anderson

Sherry Anderson has had three fruitful careers including Medical Sales, Teaching, and raising her beautiful family alongside her husband.

Sherry resides in Kennesaw, Georgia with her husband Doug, and is a mother to two adult children. Sherry enjoys hiking and outdoor activities.

Upon retiring from Mount Paran Christian School, Sherry joined the board of Saving Susan Ministry in keeping with her passion for helping children grow into successful adults who know the Lord. In her role with Saving Susan Ministry, Sherry has a focus on education, academics and parent partnership.


dr. harold mclendon

Harold served as an Ob/Gyn in the Marietta community for 30 years prior to his retirement. He has been blessed to witness and participate in thousands of births during his career. He served as a Cub scout leader, baseball coach, and ballet chauffeur while participating in the day-to-day activities of his three children.

Harold and Melissa Mclendon married in 1981. They were blessed with three children Lauren (32), Martin (29), and Will (25).

Jay and Tracy Arntzen have been close friends of the Mclendon’s for many years. When Jay asked Harold to be a part of his vision by serving on the Board of Directors, Harold graciously accepted and felt both honored and guided by God to be a part of Saving Susan Ministry. Harold believes that this God-directed mission is extraordinarily life changing and also life-saving for orphans on the other side of the planet.


karle stinehour

Karle founded Providence Insurance Group in 1984. He is now a Managing Principal of One Digital Health and Benefits company. He is also a Registered Healthcare Underwriter.

Karle is an active member of his community and is involved in supporting numerous organizations including Heroes First Foundation and The Hope Center. Outside of work, Karle enjoys water skiing, traveling, playing ice hockey, and spending time with his wife Karen, four children and nine grandchildren.

Karle says: “I have truly enjoyed knowing Jay and Tracy as their entire life is viewed as a ministry. They love and share the Lord with everyone in their life. Their employees at Genesis reflect their joy for people and they are making an incredible impact with SSM. It is an honor to be able to be a part of their vision to help children around the world.”

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Dr. wesley wetherington

Wesley is a physician who specializes in Dermatopathology. His laboratory, SkinPath Solutions, is in Smyrna, Georgia.

Wesley grew up in Valdosta, Georgia. He attended Valdosta High School and Valdosta State College, and then joined the US Navy. He and his wife Marty have two children and one granddaughter. Wesley and Marty have learned through their lives that strong faith and belief in the power of God are essential. Their faith is the foundation upon which he and Marty have built their lives, and they have been blessed with a family which remains very close.

Wesley hopes that his faith in God and his experiences in life will help him to work with the board members of Saving Susan Ministry in order for the ministry to bring hope and the word of God to as many children as possible.



Roger retired from the US Air Force in 1996 as a lieutenant colonel and from Southwest Airlines in 2019 as a Check Airman (flight instructor /evaluator). He flew multiple aircraft over his two aviation careers totaling forty-four years. He has written two books, including American Spirit, a historical fiction, and he is a columnist for the Chattanooga Times Free Press. He has served in many leadership and teaching positions professionally, within his community, and within his church.

Roger married the former Patti Gilliard, a special education teacher he met while in Air Force pilot training in 1978. They have two children, Stewart and Virginia. Stewart is a senior manager at Genesis Elevator. He and his wife Kenzie have three sons. Virginia is a professor of Civil Engineering at Villanova University. She and her husband Bryan have two daughters.

For months prior to his retirement from Southwest Airlines, Roger and Patti prayed about life after retirement. Roger is a busy person, and the thoughts of not having a “job” were somewhat unsettling. During this time, Roger and Patti attended a presentation Jay and Stewart offered on their new spin-off elevator company, Revelation Manufacturing. Afterwards, Jay asked Roger, pending Board approval, if he might consider serving on the Saving Susan Ministry Board. It was as if God answered the prayer for direction after retirement. When God answers prayers, one cannot say no. Roger is excited about the opportunity to serve in such a worthy cause to advance God’s Kingdom.


David delk

David left an engineering background in 1997 to join The Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) in full-time ministry.  He has served FCA over the last 22 years in every capacity and currently serves as an Atlanta Metro Director.  He has been responsible for bringing awareness of FCA to the Atlanta footprint, raising and supporting staff, building boards and major donor development.

David and his wife, Tricia, met in 1982 and married in 1984.  They have been blessed with 2 beautiful daughters, 2 sons-in-law and 5 grandchildren and 6 children in Cambodia!  They have lived in West Cobb together for 35 years.

David says about his calling to the SSM Board: “I went to my first SSM event about 5 years ago.  At that time, we made a decision to parent partner for one child. Since then we have added 5 more children and made three trips to Cambodia to serve alongside this ministry.  I love my kids in Cambodia and I plan to be in their lives until the Lord calls me home. I hope to help more kids get parent partners and experience the joy Tricia and I have experienced. I also feel that I can be an asset in raising awareness and resources to help in the funding needs for things like college education for our SSM kids. I look forward to serving on the board and helping this ministry advance.”