Mengseu, 17

Country: Cambodia

Liberty Bible School

Mengseu is in the 10th grade and loves to read the Bible and listen to music. His favorite subject is Social Sciences, and he hopes to become a Police Officer one day!

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  • Cambodia is in the southeastern part of Asia nestled between Thailand and Vietnam.

  • The main language is Khmer, but many of the children in our orphanage are learning English through our English Learning Program.

  • There are an estimated 553,000 orphans in Cambodia.

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Sai Mengseu is under the care of Pastor Soeurn Sihok and his wife Srey Neang, who head up Liberty Bible Baptist Church in Phnom Penh. Liberty Bible has a church and school that minister to the surrounding dump sites, which are home to hundreds of kids. The Sihoks deliver the Gospel, hold medical clinics, and give weekly baths and clean clothes to these impoverished children.