What is a Parent Partner?


Parent Partnering is a unique approach where families, called by God, are matched with orphans in countries whose borders are closed to adoption due to human trafficking. It is a relational experience that also provides financial support. It is a commitment to build relationships through regular social media contact and to care for an orphan as one of your own children. This commitment creates a covenant relationship intended to exist at least until the orphan graduates from school.

The Four Step Commitment

  1. Covenant Commitment:
    Complete an application and prayerfully examine how God is calling you to become a Parent Partner.  Communicate God’s calling and affirmation through the application process.
  2. Relational Commitment:
    Pray regularly and communicate with your orphan through social media on average of 2-3 times per month. Opportunities for travel with other Parent Partners to meet and spend time with your orphan child will be available. Your commitment to a child will be until they graduate high school, at a minimum.
  3. Financial Commitment: 
    Your financial commitment will be approximately $1,200 per year which will provide your child with room and board, a Christian based education through high school, clothing and basic medical care, and supervision and physical needs.
  4. Ongoing Feedback: 
    We require quarterly communication between Saving Susan Ministry, Parent Partners and Orphanage.

Hear Founder Jay Arntzen explain Parent Partnering on 104.7 the Fish